Q. Why should we buy online?

A. Online shopping offers considerable savings. It is simple, convenient, done at your leisure from the comfort of your office, and you also have the added advantage of being able to view the products that you may wish to purchase. Our online warehouse offers you choices on what you buy, how, what and when you pay, delivery etc. You can continue as you are now or you can reap the benefits of buying online. The choice is yours.


Q. Who can buy from Summergard?

A. Only registered retail and industrial customers can purchase from our online warehouse, although anyone can window shop and look at our product range. We encourage the public to view our product range and contact us which allows us to direct them to a supplier nearest to them.


Q. What is the difference between a window shopper and a registered customer?

A. Window shoppers can only view our product range. Registered customers can view products, prices, quantities and place online orders. The savings are very attractive.

Registered customers enter a secure site using a log in name and password.


Q. How do we register?

A. Simply fill in the online application form and email back to Summergard.


Q. Why do we need to register?

A. Our online warehouse site is a secure site designed to protect our customers interests and privacy. As some online transaction are on credit this is essential.


Q. How do I know it's safe to shop with you online?

A. Summergard is a registered business. Our Australian Business Number (ABN) is 71 524 932 092. Our company registration details can be viewed with ASIC - the regulator for Australian companies - on the ASIC website. ASIC and the Australian Corporations and Trade Practices legislation provides additional protection.


Q. How do we order?

A. There are 3 ways to order:

1) Via our online store www.summergard.com.au
2) By fax (03) 9873 0925
3) By email orders@summergard.com.au

The savings are enormous when you order via the online store.


Q. Do you charge freight?

A. To be fair to all customers Summergard has set their prices at the lowest possible level. We have not allowed a margin to cover freight or other incidentals. However all orders over $700.00 will be freight free to most areas. the generous savings will offset any costs you may incur.


Q. Do we have to order large quantities of each product?

A. No however, each product has a minimum order quantity i.e. 6 which indicates the minimum for that particular product, you can order as many multiple lots of the minimum order as you like i.e. 6, 12, 18, 24 etc.


Q. How do you get a choice of how, what and when we pay?

Our advertised prices are for account customers i.e. those who pay on credit terms, charge through etc. However, if you wish to pay prior to delivery you will receive a discount on all purchases. You will be able to direct debit into our back account or pay by credit card (and receive frequent flyer points). All credit card transactions will be through NAB transact eCommerce which gives you security. Summergard does not collect or hold any of your credit card details.


Q. Do prices include or exclude GST?

A. All prices shown are Australian Dollars and exclude GST, unless they are indicated as GST free.


Q. Do you have a refund policy?

A. Yes we do. All our business transactions are covered by consumer laws. Our policy is outlined in our Terms & Conditions.


Q. If we pre-pay, how can we be certain of delivery?

A. Summergard has installed the most up-to-date computerised scanning system that enables us to cross reference a picking slip with each invoice. This tells us the date and time each product was picked and packed, including which carton it was packed into (if your order was dispatched in multiple cartons).