Description of Navigation buttons

The navigation buttons are found along the top of the screen.

HOME - Welcomes you to our online warehouse.

ABOUT - Tells you a little bit about Summergard and our vision.

HOW TO ORDER - Guides you through the ordering process.

REGISTRATION - Guides you through the registration form.

FAQ - Answers some frequently asked questions.

TERMS & CONDITIONS - Outlines the way our online business is conducted.

SPECIALS - We will display our monthly specials on this page.

CONTACT - Allows you to contact us.


How to use the shop

When entering site for the first time:

1. Click on I'm a registered customer "Login" enter your email address and click on create your account and fill in the registration form. All fields in the registration form are mandatory. When completed click on register at the bottom of the form. Summergard will advise you when your registration has been accepted. When your registration has been accepted you can commence buying. After this you only need to enter your email address and password in the "already registered" section and click log in. When you enter the site you will see the product categories on the left hand side of the screen.

2. Click on a category and the departments will appear.

3. Click on a department and the products within that department appear.

4. There is an image of the product, which if you click your mouse on ‘View’ you will get an enlarged image, product description, price ex GST, product code, product barcode & minimum purchase quantity. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ and the minimum purchase quantity will be added to your shopping cart.

5. When you have completed your purchase(s), click on View Cart (top right hand corner).

6. To increase the order quantity of any product click on the + sign above the quantity box. To delete the product click on the red X to the right of the quantity box.

7. When you have finalized your order and your delivery address is the same as the address you gave on your registration, please read the Terms & Conditions and acknowledge by ticking the box (mandatory). Next, add your purchase order number or the name of the person placing the order (mandatory). Finally, choose your payment method & click on 'Confirm my order'. You are now Summergarded and we thank you for your business.

8. As you will probably have multiple users of your computer, we advise that you "log out". The logout link is located at the top of the screen next to your company name, and also on the confirmation page after you have completed your order.